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In-Home Training

We offer in-home training for obedience and specific issue training. Have a trainer come to your home to work with you and your dog to learn basic obedience, manners, puppy issues, heeling, recall, and more.

In-home training is offered only to clients within Central Kentucky. We travel outside our coverage area, but there is typically an extra fee.

Please contact our in-home trainer, Tracey Hagan 859-333-3822

Puppy Start Right Training

This training will cover everything you need to know to get your puppy off to the right start. We cover house training, crate training, and common puppy issues such as nipping and jumping up on people and get you started on manners and basic puppy obedience.

In-home Specific Issue Training

This training can cover particular issues you may be having with your dog, such as house-soiling, jumping, barking, aggression, fear, reactivity, heeling, recall, or any other training issue you may have with your dog. This training will specifically target the training you want.

In-home Obedience Training

This training will cover basic manners and basic obedience. This is the same material covered in our group classes but offered in your home for convenience.

*All in-home appointments require an initial consultation with you to gather information on the dog(s) and discuss our recommendations to help you meet your training goals.

Contact us to get more information or to set up your consultation today.